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  • author ( 60, man | Wichita, KS, USA )

    Sporting event, drive to a beautiful part of the country stay in a B&B have pure uncomplicated fun, a quick flight for the weekend, dinner dancing and what ever we like

  • author ( 67, man | Bluffton, SC, USA )

    A nice quiet dinner where we can talk and get to know each other and then a nice walk together. I'm open to what she would like to do or go.

  • author ( 64, man | Laurel, MD, USA )

    This is to get to know one another, see if there is a spark. If not no one looses, money or otherwise. It would determine if you would like to see this person again. Nothing says it like a cup of java!

  • author ( 68, woman | Yonkers, NY, USA )

    It doesn't matter where we long as we can have a quiet conversation and get to know one another and maybe if everything works out okay we can take a nice walk in the park or on the beach.

  • author ( 64, man | Vancouver, BC, CAN )

    after we initially meet and on another suitable day - we could take in some entertainment - a movie or play perhaps and time is open enough a meal before or afterwards

  • author ( 64, woman | Coatesville, PA, USA )

    A day time meet and a blast of 5 questions each and answers...then a Staring Contest. First one laughs loses. Winner gets to ask 2 more questions. And of course snacks.

  • author ( 67, woman | Marietta, GA, USA )

    It's a toss up between a game of pool and some great wings; or roller skating followed by coffee in great conversation. (my thoughts today)

  • author ( 63, woman | Derwood, MD, USA )

    Since we're all on lockdown, our first date would be via facetime or via one of the other platforms. We can decide on a breakfast, lunch or dinner date....or maybe brunch.

  • author ( 60, man | Redford, MI, USA )

    and ideal date would be a small intimate restaurant in a back corner Booth or table away from everyone so we could talk and get to know each other followed by maybe a nice walk along the river or to a concert or to the t...  see more >>

  • author ( 60, man | Killeen, TX, USA )

    Running naked in the rain. Just kidding. How about a day on the lake a couple of drinks, lots of talk and sunshine.

  • author ( 65, man | Cleveland, TN, USA )

    go out to dinner have a very good long conversation I'm getting to learn about the person they get to learn about me and then spend the rest of the evening just having a good time enjoying each other's company

  • author ( 61, man | Glen Ridge, NJ, USA )

    There are so many scenarios I could mention here and it depends on where the relationship was as to the idealness of it. I like romance either way so anything where we would have a little privacy to talk and stare into e...  see more >>

  • author ( 61, woman | Anniston, AL, USA )

    I like the idea of going to a museum or a gallery with artifacts, art, etc. that would be of interest to each of us.

  • author ( 63, man | Marksville, LA, USA )

    Perhaps dinner & dancing or a weekend trip. I'm decisive but flexible what do you think we could do. Did I say i am a good cook ! Might cook for you.

  • author ( 62, woman | Glen Burnie, MD, USA )

    Meet at a place where we can converse further and get to know each other little more over a hot cup of Java or Tea.

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